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Putting the power of gamification in your hands

Games have proven critical to the success of every learning initiative, helping learners with concept reinforcement, confidence assessment, and knowledge retention. Now we have a solution that puts the power of gamification at your fingertips.

UNIFY GameLab logo with a red 3D moleculeUNIFY GameLab logo with a red 3D molecule

UNIFY GameLab is a game authoring platform designed to provide your training teams with a powerful and flexible learning reinforcement tool. UNIFY GameLab offers a new level of ownership for administrators while enabling learners to access and play games as an individual, compete against their peers, or compete as a team in a live or virtual setting.


Image of laptop showing menu of 9 games.Image of laptop showing menu of 9 games.

Powerful Benefits

  • Invest once to implement gamification across multiple divisions, brands, and initiatives
  • Author, edit, and categorize game questions
  • Publish any game with ease, as many times as you’d like
  • Keep tabs on the progress of your players and teams via reporting, real-time scoreboards, and leaderboards

Key features

  • Self-service question and game authoring
  • Shared question library
  • SSO capability
  • Unlimited access to all UNIFY GameLab games
  • Real-time leaderboards
  • Robust game and question-level reporting
  • Web-based administrative portal
  • Hosting and training included

NEW GAME! An exciting game which will be hosted by a facilitator and can be played at an event. The participating teams compete against each other, and they win or lose points based on the correctness of the response. In subsequent round, teams can also choose to 'Play' or 'Pass' the question. As the point value increases with each round of questions, the stakes get higher!

NEW GAME! A word puzzle game where the player has to guess the word correctly by filling in the missing letters. The player will earn points with each correct guess of the letter and will lose points with each incorrect guess of the letter. Lucky for them! Players can use the hint option to fill in the extra letters if the word is too difficult.

An interactive, category-based game. As an Admin, you will need to create from 2 to 6 categories and then assign the game’s questions to one of these categories. Players spin the wheel to see which category of question they will receive.

An interactive, fast-paced game where the player chooses any of the 20 cases shown on screen, revealing a question behind each case and a point value for the question. If correct, the points are “taken” from the banker and given to the player.

A confidence-based question-and-answer card game with an “Old West” card-playing theme. Players start with 1,000 chips and can earn more by correctly answering questions.

Players can place a bet of 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 chips, depending on how confident they are with their answers.

A challenging and highly interactive question-and-answer game. A player starts from the bottom of the money ladder and moves up to higher amounts by correctly answering subsequent questions. After selecting a question, the player chooses the answer(s) they believe is correct and then must select “Yes” or “No” at the “Are You Sure?”

It comprises of 3 levels of questions: Easy, Medium, and Hard. Users must progress through each level of the Pyramid, starting with the Easy level at the bottom and answering questions as they go.

A fun, interactive question-and-answer game where users answer questions while taking a ride. There are 5 different types of questions that you can be included in this game: Easy, Medium, Hard, Red-Light Challenge, and Bonus.

Learners compete to earn points by correctly answering questions and wagering points based on their confidence level. The game uses multiple-choice questions. The game also determines how confident they are of being correct—not sure, fairly sure, or positive.

An interactive question-and-answer game with a golf- playing theme. Depending on the number of questions used when creating the game, players are presented with 1-9 holes, with anywhere from 3 to 5 questions (or “pars”) for each hole.

A fun, high- stakes game where the player presses the game stopper to stop the highlighted square on the board. If the highlight stops on a point value, the player will answer a question. If the correct answer is selected, that point value is awarded. If an incorrect answer is selected, no points are awarded.

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