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Persuasive Presentation Skills

Persuasive Presentation Skills

Persuasive Presentation Skills

4 hrs | Essential Skills

Presentations are a primary opportunity to communicate value. Gaining the skills and techniques necessary to present effectively are achieved by following the techniques taught during this interactive workshop. Participants will use the 4P process and learn how to adjust their style, delivery, and duration based on the audience.

Module Details

•Apply the 4 Ps framework to develop and deliver a presentation
•Determine the primary purpose for a given presentation
•Identify the 3 main components of any presentation
•Explain the importance of practicing your presentation


• PPT slides with speaker notes
• Facilitator Guide: Step-by-step facilitation instructions are in the Notes tray below each slide; in addition, a hard-copy FG can be printed (the PPT has been styled in Notes View and can be printed as a PDF)
• Participant Workbook

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