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Root Cause Analysis & CAPA Deep Dive

Root Cause Analysis & CAPA Deep Dive

Root Cause Analysis & CAPA Deep Dive

~0.50 hrs | GMP - Quality Systems

This module will take a deeper dive into the processes, skills, and tools for conducting RCA and moving through the CAPA process. Different types of root causes will be discussed along with two models that are useful for investigating root cause.

Module Details

After completing this module, you will be able to:
• List the skills that are necessary for performing thorough investigations
• Identify tools that can be used in each step of the root cause analysis and corrective and preventive actions processes
• Recognize areas that should be assessed in situations that are considered human error root causes
• Recall the investigative models that can be used to assess human error, change behavior, and improve performance


• Audio narration with on-demand full-text transcript
• Module-level interactive learning exercises and
self-check questions
• Fully cited and sourced from a blend of Red Nucleus
best practices and global health authority regulations
and guidance
• Updated annually
• SCORM compliant

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