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Writing GCP-Compliant SOPs

Writing GCP-Compliant SOPs

Writing GCP-Compliant SOPs

~0.50 hrs | GCP - Clinical Operations & Process

Writing standard operating procedures (SOPs) is a required function of all clinical studies. This module presents a unique role-play approach to help you learn key elements of SOP identification, authoring, and improvement. You will learn the full journey of an SOP and receive an interactive view of “best practices” for SOP development.

Module Details

After completing this module, you will be able to:
• Outline content that should be included when authoring SOPs
• Identify key stakeholders and steps needed to implement effective SOPs
• Recall how to manage and document SOP training


• Audio narration with on-demand full-text transcript
• Module-level interactive learning exercises and
self-check questions
• Fully cited and sourced from a blend of Red Nucleus
best practices and global health authority regulations
and guidance
• Updated annually
• SCORM compliant

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