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October 06, 2023

Regulatory Information Management System (RIMS) Services

Scientific Services Team

This video provides some essential tips for ensuring broad and effective use of a new RIM system.

Is your organization launching a new RIM (Regulatory Information Management) System? At Red Nucleus, we believe a RIM implementation is not only an important milestone but a new starting point for accelerating regulatory processes.

RIM systems provide powerful capabilities for streamlining global submission management, providing a central location for information sharing, collaboration, and data management.

Ultimately, the final goal is to have company-wide acceptance and utilization of a new or optimized system by all users.

Therefore, when embarking on a new RIM implementation or optimization initiative, it is critical to consider all aspects, including but not limited to business process, requirements, configuration, training and most certainly organizational change management to ensure a positive adoption by all stakeholders involved.

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