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November 24, 2023

Making It Count: Production and the Live Event Experience

L&D Team

“Live events are a cornerstone for salesforce performance and the overall learning journey. Any national sales meeting (NSM) or launch event serves a critical role in driving team performance.”
– Nate Johns, Managing Partner in Operations

Creating Memorable Events That Drive Performance

The Red Nucleus production and content engagement team (previously known as element H) specializes in helping clients make the live event experience memorable and effective, serving as a foundation for team success. Although the technical aspects of conducting events of any scale will always require careful planning and logistical considerations, our team is set up to provide services that enhance the production partner experience.

We focus on the entire “event ecosystem” to ensure our clients achieve their goals for a live event experience. We start our planning centered around the audience, the people who will experience an event, so they can leave well informed, inspired, and ready to drive results. Our production and content engagement team works closely with our clients to align the vision and needs for each event to a solution that we bring to life.

We provide strategic consultation and build solutions for all aspects of the event ecosystem.

Conference stage with speaker, and 3 screens saying "excellence" and Be the leader". Fuschia and orange lighting. Conference stage with speaker, and 3 screens saying "excellence" and Be the leader". Fuschia and orange lighting.

The event experience is built around a combination of 4 critical focus areas:

  • Production: The technical aspects of a live event. These include venue selection, stage and set design, staffing, equipment, breakout sessions, show flow, and more. We take on the technical details, planning, and delivery of the event, aiming for flawless execution. Things happen fast in a live setting—our ability to organize and manage the entire process allows our client to stay focused on their team and business priorities throughout an event
  • Content: The message and the call to action. What needs to be communicated, and what are we asking the audience to do with that information? From stage presentations to pull-through in the workshops, we make sure the message is on point, delivered in an engaging manner, and used to set clear direction that enables the team to take action, stay motivated, and deliver results after the live event
  • Engagement: The emotions and the feeling we are looking to instill. This starts with the development of a creative theme and visual brand package that reinforces goals for the event and beyond. Pulling that theme through to audience interactivity, videos, event signage, mobile apps, competitions, photography/videography, or a keynote speaker address are examples of how we build audience engagement into an event
  • Communication: Communication is key. We work with clients to build excitement ahead of the event, clearly deliver messaging during the event, and pull through actionable messages afterward. Well-planned communication should start before the audience arrives and carry on over time to reinforce key objectives in the field or at the home office

Delivering for Clients

Our client base is diverse and well rounded, having worked with the largest of pharma to the smallest of biotech. We understand the nuances and differences between companies, and that no 2 events are the same. We work to design and deliver custom event experiences that leave our client’s audience feeling like they are working for a company that values their contributions.

Because our skill set is key to launch excellence, our partnerships often develop in the early stages of commercialization or when an established company is looking for something different.

Client feedback from the events we have designed and delivered over the years has been overwhelmingly positive. At Red Nucleus, we believe our “red glove service” makes us different. We work as a professional and experienced extension of our client teams, and we love what we do for the people we serve.

Here is what some of our clients said about their experience working with us and the value our team delivers:

“Thank you once again to you and the whole team for an incredible meeting! This was the best meeting I’ve experienced in my career—such an important moment in time for us. Your team made the entire experience seamless.”
– Chief Commercial Officer

A collage of 4 images with "FOCUS branding. 1. Conference stage 2. A conference hallway with signage 3. print and swag 4. Website quizA collage of 4 images with "FOCUS branding. 1. Conference stage 2. A conference hallway with signage 3. print and swag 4. Website quiz

“I honestly can’t thank you enough for all of your support during this QUICK planning process. You and your team were a huge part as to why this meeting was a huge success, and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with you all again!”
– Senior Director, Meetings and Events
“As always, it was a pleasure to work with you and have your professionalism and commitment to deliver the best product—and when engaging with our patient community, doing it with authentic empathy and concern for their well-being and their story. You never let us down!”
– Head of Oncology Patient Advocacy

Designing Experiences That Move People

The impact of a flawless event experience that ties together the main stage, training, communication, and collaboration translates into behavior change and performance improvement post-event.

We aim to help teams emerge from the event experience feeling empowered and thinking along these lines:

  • The company has a clear vision and I am aligned with our goals
  • I feel locked in and ready to make an impact
  • I understand and have empathy for the patient journey and perspective
  • I have clarity on how to engage with HCPs individually, and as a team, to drive performance
  • Powerful messages from leadership will motivate me coming out of this week
  • It feels good to create meaningful connections with my colleagues
  • I’m excited to carry the momentum from this meeting forward
  • Everything we put into this week was well worth it

They will remember how they feel.

“The work we do is designed to activate people: to motivate teams and individuals to be their best. It’s very satisfying to see events play a key role in connecting teams, changing behavior, and enabling salesforce performance.”
– Todd Herman, Managing Partner in Operations

Serving as the Master Architect

Red Nucleus can work seamlessly across clinical, commercial, training, and event considerations to align solutions with the product life cycle. Clients who are in the early stages of commercialization and product launch can benefit greatly from partnering with Red Nucleus in the planning and execution of critical meetings. Our team will collaborate with client leads to understand objectives, priorities, budgets, and timelines to design and propose a tailored solution to achieve success.

Vector drawing of an architect working, a crane holds up a lightbulb over his head. Vector drawing of an architect working, a crane holds up a lightbulb over his head.

“This strategic addition to the RN family allows us to deliver a wide range of meaningful experiences and events, providing additional value to our respective clients.”
– Mike Ballas, Global President, Learning & Development

Learn more about our Learning & Development services.

This article was written by Trisha Gage, Senior Medical Editor, based on interviews with Nate Johns, Managing Partner in Operations; and Todd Herman, Managing Partner in Operations.