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July 18, 2023

UNIFY Learning Management System: A Skillful Host for Your Content


Duo panel of a woman working at a laptop and giving a presentation in front of people, with a laptop with the UNIFY logo in the center of imageDuo panel of a woman working at a laptop and giving a presentation in front of people, with a laptop with the UNIFY logo in the center of image

Training Within an Elegant Framework

Red Nucleus (RN) has a long-standing reputation for expertise in creating training content for clients in the life sciences industry. RN produces accurate, engaging, responsive, award-winning content in a variety of formats. These materials offer learning opportunities for new hires and experienced staff members to better understand unbranded disease state content, branded messaging, updated indications and prescribing information, ongoing publication of clinical study data, and customer profiles and needs. This, in turn, leads to successful execution of product launches, selling strategies, and corporate training initiatives.

Whether RN creates or updates a client’s content, or the materials are created by the client or another agency, an organized system is needed to host and distribute all the content and related announcements or updates. An organization’s learning management system (LMS) plays a key role in the successful implementation of required training and professional development activities. The UNIFY LMS developed by RN has been a welcome and effective addition to the field. A powerful tool that streamlines the process for both learners and administrators, UNIFY has demonstrated skill in hosting, distributing, and tracking training data.

As Hayden Ostrich, UNIFY implementation manager, explains,

UNIFY is an easy-to-use platform that makes it simple for users to access and complete different assignments and materials and for administrators to manage content and track learning progress.”

Demonstrating Value to Life Sciences Clients

UNIFY can support live and virtual meetings, including national sales meetings, associated home study materials, and any follow-up reinforcement training. Administrators appreciate the simple set-up and the ability to create real-time notifications. A clean interface with an intuitive design allows new administrators to easily learn the process, manage content, and create curriculum paths appropriate for each user. The user-friendly look and feel, of course, extends to the learners. The ultimate goal—successful training—is facilitated when learners can:

  • Trust the training process
  • Understand what is required of them
  • Invest their time in learning the content
  • Work through their required to-do lists with minimal frustration

Clients have expressed that they love the easy, straightforward user interface. With the top-notch training UNIFY provides to administrators, they feel confident managing the system themselves. Currently, there are 22 clients using the services of UNIFY, including AstraZeneca, Elanco, Abbott Diabetes Care, and a division of Pfizer. Both US and global content is hosted and distributed to meet the requirements specified by each related company division and job title.

Cari Maslowski, the UNIFY product director who has been part of the UNIFY development since its first client beta test, observes,

“UNIFY is an elegant LMS experience for the learner and is easy to administer by our customers. The out-of-box functionality supports customer strategies for learner engagement like interactive content, leaderboards, digital agendas, learning retention, and coaching,”

Screenshot of UNIFY menu for a science courseScreenshot of UNIFY menu for a science course

The reporting capabilities of UNIFY are especially valuable to clients. Following the next release of UNIFY, at least 20 different reports will be available to administrators. Many of them have configurable fields that can be sorted through filters, and all can be exported to Excel files. Without manually tabulating any results, clients can have updated data at their fingertips to:

  • Track progress
  • View assessment results
  • Review e-signature captures

Tailoring Solutions

Carolyn Kopchains (Senior Director, Business Development) points out that

“UNIFY is a dynamic platform that allows custom learning journeys for its users and enables easy generation of comprehensive reports and analytics for administrators and training stakeholders.”

The UNIFY team ensures the right approach for each organization. UNIFY is nimble enough to fit a client’s budget, large or small. The UNIFY team sets up an initial planning meeting, working closely with stakeholders to discuss what they are looking for and how they are planning to use the platform. Based on their curriculum needs, a contract and schedule to roll out content are developed and implemented.

Getting the platform up and running quickly saves a client time. A guide and in-depth training allow the administrator to understand how to navigate the portal and begin completing tasks. In parallel, the UNIFY team ensures that the interface has the client’s preferred branding.

UNIFY can provide additional administrator services if a client chooses. Clients can maintain the administration on their own, or can opt for the UNIFY team to perform specified tasks. Further, if any issues need escalation, the UNIFY team is available to provide timely support.

Content in any format can be hosted on UNIFY. Whether simple or complex, large or small, the use of SCORM packaging enables smooth uploading of files.

Helping Corporations Keep It All Together

Living up to its name, UNIFY seamlessly enables a corporation to manage documentation and training needs in one central location. Content of all kinds can be accessed easily by the full list of employees, while specific items can be designated for individual distribution lists. User groups can be formed and assignments can be autofilled to deliver updated training to those who need it. Training for onboarding of new hires, company-wide HR training, and compliance and standard operating procedure (SOP) training can all be completed by the staff through this LMS. A resource library can house items like recordings of past corporate meetings, optional training, and any other relevant reference materials. Trainees can work through their requirements, which may include responsive e-learning files, videos, workshops, and assessments. An administrator can run a variety of reports to track training, compile e-signatures on required documents, and prepare for potential audits. Administrators can also send out real-time announcements and reminders through the system.

At RN, we put our trust into UNIFY by being one of its corporate clients. As a global corporation, RN has multiple North American offices as well as locations in the UK, Switzerland, Morocco, Japan, Costa Rica, and India. No matter where they live and work, RN employees have UNIFY to deliver the training they need. The UNIFY administrator at RN, Richard Toth, has observed that

“UNIFY is an effortless system that delivers informative training to its users and can benefit a corporation of any size with its capabilities.”

Coordination with RN’s HR system is straightforward and ensures that each new hire is properly assigned onboarding training. Employees within each division have the opportunity to complete their required training and use the corporate library of optional materials at their convenience.

Screenshot of sample Unify Dashboard screen for Red NucleusScreenshot of sample Unify Dashboard screen for Red Nucleus

Distinguishing Itself With Details

UNIFY is an LMS that can provide an elegant framework for all types of training needs. Its capabilities are varied and extensive, yet it is easy to administer and use. Learners can benefit from this comprehensive approach to delivering the training materials. By working as a skillful host, UNIFY helps to ensure that the learner’s time is focused on understanding the content and the admin’s time is used efficiently to manage the process, avoid duplication of effort, minimize potential problems, and generate accurate reports. Careful design and development details distinguish UNIFY in the LMS field and facilitate the training process for life sciences clients.

This article summarizes interviews with several Red Nucleus employees: Cari Maslowski, Director, Product – UNIFY; Hayden Ostrich, Implementation Manager for UNIFY; Carolyn Kopchains, Senior Director, Business Development; Dave Noonan, Senior Director, Business Development; and Richard Toth, UNIFY Administrator. It was written by Trisha Gage, Senior Medical Editor.

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