Red Nucleus provides full-service design and development of learning solutions for the life sciences industry. Our offerings include off-the-shelf and custom applications, including


Cutting edge in-house studios.
Tenured, expert e-learning staff.

Our tenured staff includes medical writers, instructional designers, 2D and 3D animators, illustrators, media producers, and programmers with experience in virtually every therapeutic area. And our complete audio and video production capabilities mean that there's no "We can't..." when it comes to e-learning at Red Nucleus.

Our voluminous library of award-winning, visually brilliant, instructionally sound interactive products proves the point.

As thought leaders, innovators, and theorists in the field of e-learning, the only thing we're not satisfied with is the status quo. Real stability is dynamic and requires staying on the leading edge of an advancing world.

We invite you to experience our culture of e-learning innovation. From complete modules to small targeted pieces, we're ready to fully satisfy your e-learning needs.

Mobile Apps

Learning. Anytime. Anywhere.

Tap the power of Red Nucleus mobile apps to provide the field-focused, always there, learning support your sales force needs to stay sharp.

Regardless of the mobile device you’ve employed, Red Nucleus can design an application that will satisfy both your hunger for the coolest, most effective ways to learn and all your technical specifications.

In this new "I need it now" world of instant access, mobile apps can deliver on-demand learning at the exact moment your sales force feels the need.

Virtual Preceptorships

Immerse your learners in their customers' world. Virtual environments—just like being there.

It's a given that "being there" delivers a higher level of understanding than reading about it. Red Nucleus's virtual preceptorships allow your sales force to tour health care facilities, observe patient examinations, and hear unvarnished opinions from health care providers. It's a concentrated, distilled experience inside a visually stunning virtual world.

  • 3D tours of health care facilities
  • Interactions with realistic images of medical devices
  • Virtual tutorials from KOLs
  • Opportunities to answer questions or objections from virtual customers

So while your sales representatives can't always get the time they want with real customers, help them prepare for when that time comes with a Red Nucleus virtual preceptorship.


Putting knowledge into context.
Help them "get it."

What you need out of a workshop is for your learners to "get it." Learners need to "put it all together." It's not just about delivering facts; it's about putting knowledge into context to satisfy needs:

  • The needs of the learners to succeed in their jobs
  • The needs of the company to grow the business
  • The needs of the customers to improve the lives of patients

Red Nucleus has written and designed successful workshops on virtually every topic, for almost every size group, with and without supporting technologies and media. Because we've got former pharmaceutical salespeople and trainers on staff, we "get it" and we know how to make sure your learners "get it."

From our award-winning electronic games and field-tested live activities, to a new innovation for your unique needs, we'll identify the optimal workshop solution for you.


Stunning visuals. Precise content.
Engaged learners.

Let's face it: adults only pay attention to the materials that they find stimulating or helpful to achieve their goals. If it's too basic, they'll ignore it. If it's too complex, it will frustrate them. If it's too dull, it won’t have the impact.

That's why the content and design of a print module have to be just so to maximize effectiveness and provide adult learner satisfaction. We aim to leave your learners confident, happy, motivated, and fulfilled.

Our highly visual, "magazine-style" formats use eye-catching illustrations, graphics, and photography to fire the learner's imagination and deliver key information in a way that learners won't have to try and try to get.

With your training needs as our priority, we deliver print materials that comprise the core learning modules or complement online and mobile learning.


Motivation. Competition. Learning. Winning.

Sales representatives are competitive. That's why you hired them. And when it comes to learning, competition can serve as a major motivator.

Over the years, we've developed many successful, instructionally sound learning games. Delivered on a variety of platforms—including iPads—the games can be played as team-based workshop components or as individual e-learning applications.

You can choose from our large library of game applications—such as Are You Smarter than a Manager?, Iron Rep, and YourCall—or we can tailor a game to meet your unique needs.

Either way, our games tap into your sales forces' inherent competitiveness and make them want to keep learning.


Tell the story your learners want to hear.

Video is everywhere today. Why? Because video's ability to convey information and engage an audience is unmatched. Whether it's a doctor explaining their treatment approach or an animation showing the mechanism of action for a new drug, video is a remarkably satisfying way to deliver learning.

Use video as a stand-alone deliverable or as an integral component of a larger learning solution. Of course, we're also ready to roll our cameras for the executives, experts, and model sales representatives your sales force needs to hear from. Or we'll leverage video you already have seamlessly into our learning products.

At Red Nucleus, we have complete video capabilities in house. We have the talent. We own the equipment. We don't outsource it. What does that mean for you? Speed, efficiency, experience, and value.