The challenge of managing R&D information across the product development and commercialization life cycle is significant. Cross-functional information must be managed, secured, and protected throughout constant change. It must meet organizational needs, help team members to respond quickly and efficiently, and support rapid and accurate decision making. Red Nucleus R&D understands the complexities of managing R&D information and the importance of having a strategy to maintain sustained compliance and efficiency.

Data/Information Governance & Strategy

R&D process excellence and successful data/information governance and strategy are inextricably linked. Red Nucleus offers a streamlined and holistic approach to cross-functional data and information governance. Our data governance experience turns process data into actionable insights.

Business-driven data strategies that take advantage of solid IT partnerships offer operational excellence. The Red Nucleus teams facilitates

  • Data authority and oversight
  • Cross-functional data architecture
  • Business-driven data strategies and models
  • Business-driven data classifications
  • Business-driven data requirements

System Assessment, Implementation, and Maintenance

We help R&D teams through the entire system life cycle—from assessment to implementation and maintenance. Throughout this process, we partner with clients with the following critical services:

  • Requirements Development
  • RFP Support
  • Vendor Assessment & Management
  • Process Design and Optimization
  • Configuration Support
  • Ongoing System Maintenance

Document and Information Management

The Red Nucleus R&D team facilitates strategic document management supporting mergers, acquisitions, divestments, and litigation. Our documented best practices include:

  • Recommended document storage structures
  • Archiving and dictionary management
  • Naming standards and placement rules

We can also construct an approach for migrating legacy document management systems with a gap analysis, migration plan, and document formatting services.

Document/Data Organization/Migration

Our teams’ combined experience is the foundation for a robust data organization and migration approach that ensures streamlined information retrieval and compliance. It includes:

  • Field mapping
  • Folder structures
  • Migration testing
  • Document clean up
  • Archiving