Red Nucleus's broad range of flexible and strategic services aid clients in defining, building, and optimizing their capabilities that align with strategic plans and support corporate goals. Our approach spurs collaboration and brainstorming across functions and organizations, encouraging stakeholders to think beyond the "status quo."

Red Nucleus's focus and flexibility provides the foundational business planning services essential for functional- or enterprise-wide commitment and alignment to the same vision, goals, timelines, and objectives. Our cross-functional approach ensures timeliness, accuracy, and efficiency. Compliance is our priority as we develop and implement a custom plan to help build optimal capabilities.

Red Nucleus’s business transformation initiatives drive operational optimization for efficiency, competitiveness, and overall success. Our team partners with clients to develop resourcing models, conduct functional assessments, oversee FTE analysis, and implement appropriate outsourcing models.
Gaining efficiencies through sound global business processes is critical. Our R&D experts look at all aspects of the process to ensure optimization. These include:
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Timelines
  • Hand-offs
  • Metrics, KPIs, and Reporting
Organizational change typically requires organizational structure changes, process optimization, and/or technology updates to achieve specific business goals. Red Nucleus R&D facilitates this change with a proven methodology:
  • We communicate the business requirements and proposed solution.
  • We help team members understand the value of the solution and their role in its success.
  • We develop and execute training for all stakeholders to ensure success of the program (see comprehensive training services).
  • We partner with clients to provide optimized processes that use technology to gain efficiencies and maintain compliance.
  • We develop and execute communication and maintain a robust training program that ensures continuity and future success.
Red Nucleus R&D provides an array of training solutions. We facilitate the design, development, and conduct of training programs that are customized to the client needs and environment:
  • Role-based curriculum
  • Leadership messages
  • Mobile tutorials
  • Instructor-led training
  • Textbook
  • Hands-on learning labs
  • Interactive e-learning
  • Quick reference cards
  • Train the trainer programs

Red Nucleus can help you develop and execute the best strategies for your organization.