Gain Access in a Virtual Selling Environment

This program has been designed to support everything we already know about the development of new sales skills. They need to be learned, practiced, and applied.

This new environment is creating an exponential pressure on what sales leaders and managers need to think about. We believe some of these lessons learned will continue to be with us as remote working and selling will not likely disappear, but instead increase in the future.

What we know about selling in a virtual environment is that as a sales leader, you not only need to lead virtually but you also need to enable the development of virtual sales skills by allowing practice, coaching, and feedback. This requires more time spent on an individual basis with your sales reps and therefore creates a need for a different kind of proactive rhythm to your week that is more focused on the team.

As a sales rep, this program does not replace the normal sales skills or sales model that you have been taught but rather emphasizes the differences that you need to think about and act upon as you have a virtual interaction with an HCP.

The coaching sessions merge the two paths of the sales manager and the sales rep journeys and allow you to spend time on what is important right now ‒ learn, practice, coach, give feedback, and then finally apply. Whether you are out actively interacting with HCPs right now, or whether your organization has paused any HCP outreach, this is designed to give you the right practice for when you need it the most.