Client Challenge

A mid-size pharmaceutical company acquired a smaller biotech company and needed to incorporate the R&D functions (people, processes, and technologies). They also needed support managing the information and system components of the integration within a 6-month period.

Red Nucleus Solution

The Red Nucleus team partnered with the client to map all information components to be migrated or integrated from the acquired company. The team then mapped all systems housing the information from the acquired company and conducted both differential and gap analyses to understand the underlying requirements for the integration.

We then developed and implemented a roadmap for integrating systems and migrating all information while simultaneously ensuring that day-to-day business (studies and trials) were not impacted.


Information and System Integration was successfully completed within 6 months, and the majority of the information was migrated or integrated within that time frame:

  • To ensure business operations were not impacted, programs were migrated with consideration of clinical trial and submissions requirements (therefore all programs were successfully migrated over a span of 18 months); systems were decommissioned accordingly.
  • All information was placed within a single repository with the appropriate naming standards and conventions.
  • Submissions were all completed on schedule with zero failure to file incidences.