Optimization of a Translational Research Platform

Client Challenge

The client, a large global pharmaceutical company, initiated an effort to optimize its Translational Research Platform to enhance its precision medicine research, accelerate drug development, and better manage its portfolio. The optimization effort included mapping the end-to-end translational research process, identifying gaps and areas of improvement, defining resource requirements, and outlining the training needs to support the end-to-end process.

Red Nucleus Solution

The Red Nucleus team developed a detailed end-to-end Business Process Guide (BPG) that included data preparation, multiple data processing steps, data analysis, and reporting. The BPG clearly defined critical tasks, key stakeholders, decision points, approvals, and handoffs as it pertained to the end-to-end translational research process. The guide provided the groundwork for a comprehensive role-based training program for all global and cross-functional stakeholders involved in the process. The guide also served as the foundation for the identification of gaps and optimization needs for improvement plans to be developed and ultimately prioritized.


The work accomplished by Red Nucleus provided the client with an ongoing approach to maintain and optimize the end-to-end translational research process, thereby improving their data-driven translational research outcomes. The development of improvement plans by Red Nucleus provided the client with a detailed roadmap for future optimizations to achieve the client’s vision of enhancing its precision medicine research, accelerating drug development, and increasing innovative discovery research programs. Additionally, Red Nucleus developed a training framework to initiate the development of a role-based training program for end users of the Translational Research Platform.