Client Challenge

The client wanted to optimize its Global Regulatory Affairs (GRA) function (both internal operations and interaction with external stakeholders). The value of the GRA function was not understood within the broader organization. Furthermore, several key deliverables stemming from GRA were seen as suboptimal by stakeholders outside of the department.

Red Nucleus Solution

The Red Nucleus team led the development of the GRA strategy. We helped to define GRA’s operational model, services, key stakeholders, processes, roles and responsibilities. The team facilitated communication of the strategy and deliverables with key stakeholders and identified areas of weakness and a plan to optimize accordingly.


We began by identifying and implementing deliverables that achieved “quick wins” for GRA. Other, longer-term deliverables were communicated to stakeholders and implemented effectively. The perception of GRA was quickly changed, and GRA was seen as a valuable partner within the broader organization.