Client Challenge

Red Nucleus has worked with many clients to develop/optimize their global labeling process. One common challenge that several companies have faced is not having the ability to effectively monitor and track local label compliance with the source label. This ongoing challenge puts them at risk of noncompliance. Creating, tracking, and maintaining the Company Core Data Sheet (CCDS) and all local labels globally is a complex but necessary endeavor that requires efficiency, diligence, compliance, and global industry knowledge.

Red Nucleus Solution

The Red Nucleus team established an end-to-end, cross-functional, integrated labeling process that linked people, processes, and technologies. We worked toward a process that has clear roles, responsibilities, timelines, hand-offs, accountabilities, and approvals. The team gained cross-functional input and buy-in, instilled tracking and reporting of compliance metrics, and addressed the limitations of fragmented systems (short-term vs long-term solutions). The resulting end-to-end global labeling process was culturally embedded in the organization.


Our broad view of technology, processes, and organizational change combined with our deep understanding of the nuances of local labeling requirements and procedures have contributed to the development of sound global labeling capabilities in numerous organizations. These capabilities improve efficiency and compliance while streamlining some of our clients most important initiatives.