Client Challenge

A large pharmaceutical client wanted to outsource its labeling operations, keeping only oversight and management responsibilities in-house. There was no central repository for the company’s local labels, and each of the affiliates followed a different process for the management of their labels. The function needed to be streamlined and aligned for it to be outsourced.

Red Nucleus Solution

The Red Nucleus team worked across 170 affiliates to collect labels globally. We created a SharePoint® portal to centralize the collection of labels across all affiliates. The team utilized Glemser GLS to manage all local labels for the client and created standards, business processes, and rules to effectively utilize the Glemser technology. The team trained the labeling operations team while gaining the trust of worldwide affiliates. We then migrated all current labels into Glemser GLS.


The Red Nucleus team delivered an effective and efficient implementation and gained the trust of the client. As a result, the client outsourced labeling operations to Red Nucleus R&D Operations. This project requires ongoing maintenance of ~5,000 local labels for the client.