Client Challenge

The client had undergone several mergers and acquisitions over the years, causing a high accumulation of US and Canadian historical regulatory submissions and correspondence on paper and in company drives that needed to be consolidated to the document management system, Veeva Vault. The company also needed a way to identify all imported documentation for eventually migrating the information into their registration tracking system, which was also Veeva Vault.

Red Nucleus Solution

The Red Nucleus team provided best practices and resources for uploading and performing quality checks on all submissions and correspondence into Veeva Vault. Documentation was scanned, analyzed, organized, bookmarked, and saved in a searchable format. All imported data were tracked via a spreadsheet that was later leveraged to migrate the information to the Vault. Red Nucleus also provided the client with standards, processes, and training on how to maintain the US and Canadian submission and correspondence information in Veeva once the project was completed.


The Red Nucleus team was able to import all 6,000+ historical documents into a single document management system accurately and effciently, ensuring that the client would be able to search and retrieve the historical documents they are looking for in a streamlined manner.